An Option for Blocking Spam

An option for blocking spam:

Most people use either Outlook or Outlook Express as their e-mail client, but all of these people may not be familiar with creating message rules in the “Tools” drop down menu. Rules allow you to manually filter the delivery of e-mail, and can be created to analyze the sender’s name, subject line, and message body before processing. For example, a rule can be created so that any message with a particularly offensive word in the subject line is automatically moved to the Deleted Items folder, or even better, just deleted from the server before download.

Another option provided by Outlook and Outlook Express allows the user to add senders to their “Blocked Senders” list. No rule needs to be created, and in a few clicks, a sender of unsolicited e-mail can be added to your personal blocked senders list. Whenever mail arrives from this sender in the future, it will skip the inbox and go straight to the Deleted Items folder.

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