Save Versus Save As

Tip #6 – Save versus Save As
In almost every class I have ever taught when we save a document I wait for the one person who will ask, "When do I use Save rather than Save As?” The answer is surprisingly simple.

When you are ready to save your document for the first time, many people believe that they need to use Save As in order to name it. The truth is that it doesn’t matter which you choose, Sa…ve or Save As, for the first save because you will be presented with the same Save As dialog box in either case. You then give your document a name, make sure it’s going into the correct folder, and then you click the Save button.

From then on as you work in your document you can click on Save (or use Ctrl + s, Command + s for Apple users) to update the file. Every time you click on Save, the additional changes you make to your document are stored and any previous versions are written over.

This is a picture of the dialog box that you get when you
click the "save" button. Note the name of the dialog
box is "Save As" because it’s the first save.

The only time you really need to use Save As is if you have a document that you want to use to make a different version of the original document.

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